Your walls will be smooth and strong with our plastering service

When you undertake a home renovation project, it is important that everything about it is perfect, right down to the smallest detail.

That includes the walls of your newly refurbished rooms. You want them to be as smooth as polished silver, with a look and feel that draws praise from anybody who sets foot in your rejuvenated home.

Top quality plastering is at the heart of our offering for owners of top quality homes. We recognise the contribution a smooth, effective and durable surface makes to the overall aesthetic of a room.

That is why, as well as the ability to deliver bathroom installations and kitchen installations, we can complement your renovation with a superb level of plastering.

Plastering is part of an Exclusive Home Renovation service

We are happy to offer our plastering skills to you as a stand-alone service or as an integral part of a home renovation project.

Our plastering experts will work alongside their colleagues who are renovating the furniture and fittings in your home and apply a robust layer of plaster that will last for years without requiring attention.

We will not cut corners. If your existing plaster work needs upgrading, we will not simply patch up an affected area; we will create a new surface that is solid and silky smooth.

So confident are we in the quality of the workmanship we deliver that we offer a two-year warranty on all the labour associated with the work we carry out.

Exclusive Home Renovation offers you the peace of mind of a high quality service at a price that is right for you.

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If you are thinking of renovating any aspect of your home, we will be delighted to discuss your plans with you.

Whether it is time for a new bathroom or kitchen installation, or indeed any other aspect of your property that needs an upgrade, Exclusive Home Renovation is here to help.

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