Exclusive Home Renovation: Domestic plumbing is part of the service

So many aspects of home renovation, including bathroom and kitchen installation, depend on an excellent standard of plumbing to deliver the level of experience and convenience that home owners expect.

Fortunately for customers of Exclusive Home Renovation, domestic plumbing is all part of the service.

Rather than rely on a sub-contractor to deliver this aspect of an installation, we have plumbing expertise at the heart of our dedicated, expert team.

That ensures a streamlined installation process for customers, as well as a consistently high level of service that we deliver at a price that is right for you.

We take care to work closely with you, ensuring that the lives of you and your family are disrupted as little as possible while we deliver your renovated home.

Plumbing that supports all elements of your home renovation

Most plumbing work is hidden from view – yet it plays a vital role in ensuring that your home is cosy and all the fittings that rely on water operate as they should.

We are happy to carry out stand-alone plumbing projects for you, as well as providing plumbing services as part of a wider renovation.

Our expertise covers a house’s heating system, including boilers and radiators. We can also ensure that kitchen and utility room appliances including dishwashers, washing machines and tumble driers, are working at their best.

In the bathroom, we can fit the pipework that ensures showers, toilets and sinks, as well as waste disposal, operate perfectly.

We take pride in every job we do and have every confidence that the work we carry out will last for decades. We even offer a two-year warranty on the labour element of everything we install.

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