Exclusive Home Renovation: We specialise in disabled access bathrooms

It is vital that everybody feels they can use the bathroom with comfort and ease, regardless of their age and physical condition.

Unfortunately, some people face greater challenges than others in this respect, either through disability or the effects of ageing.

Exclusive Home Renovation understands how important it is for people to be able to use their bathrooms, and has extensive experience in the delivery of disabled access bathrooms.

These rooms include facilities specially modified to make it easy for people with particular physical conditions to use their bathroom.

How we create and install disabled access bathrooms

The most important consideration when installing a disabled access bathroom is to make it as easy to use as possible.

So we do not create a shower tray with a ledge or lip. We ensure the tray is level with the floor so that you can enter the shower without needing to step up or down.
We can also install a seat in the shower, or make it broad enough to enable wheelchair access.

When it comes to the bath, you can have an installation with a door on its side so there is no requirement to step in and out.

Whatever your particular requirements are, we have the experience to ensure we install a bathroom that meets your needs and is as accessible and functional as possible.

Installing disabled access bathrooms with speed and efficiency

We understand you want your disabled access bathroom installed as swiftly as possible, with the minimum disruption to home life for you and your family.

Our customers appreciate the efficiency of our process – but they also like the care we take to ensure the bathroom in question is built to last.

We take great pride in the service we provide and have every confidence that you will not need to renovate the room in question for many years.

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